Not the Model Author

Hi there! I'm Rachel, and I'm just not the model author of a fashion blog.

Seriously, this is what I wore as a kid:
That's my cousin and I. If you couldn't tell, I'm the one in the front, 
and we probably shopped in the same department for our clothes...and personality.

and this is what I wore for our engagement pictures:
Don't get me started...clothes, shoes, hair, makeup (or lack thereof), awkward smile...yup, that's who I was 5.5 years ago.

and this is what I wore for my family's new year's party last year:
Okay, the goggles got nixed after the picture, but other than that...

and up until about 18 months ago I had no pink in my closet...or purple...or orange...or bows...or patterns...or scarves...or heels...or fashion necklaces...

Yeah, I'm serious. I've made a lot of progress since those days, but I've still got a long way to go.

I know you're thinking "so then, why should I read your 'fashion' blog?"

Well, frankly, no one's holding a gun to your head (I hope, but if that's not true, stop reading and, I don't know, bust out some ninja moves or something), so you don't have to keep reading. But here's my motivation for writing, and maybe then you'll be motivated to read:

I've started to read some really awesome fashion blogs and have officially been inspired! I've introduced myself to options, more than just jeans and a plain color t-shirt. Did you know there are things, like, accessories, and purses, and pants that will fit a 5'1" person?! Yeah, I know!

The problem is, I read those blogs and think "well, she's a lot taller/skinnier/prettier/more fashionable than I am, and so she can pull that look off when I would just look like a lame poser if I tried that look." Well, this blog is to find what works for me, make additional style progress by trying new things, and to prove my "Negative Nancy" thoughts wrong!

Sure, you could go to a better fashion blog somewhere, but from one non-model to another, I hope you'll stick around, and then we can be Not the Modeling Type together!

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