Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pardon My Indulging

Unlike many girls (not all because there are so many like me), I do not feel comfortable shopping for...well, anything really. But especially clothes.

Ya know when you watch What Not to Wear (I know you do), and you see those women panicking about the price of the clothes they're purchasing (a.k.a. sticker shock)? That starts to happen to me once I hit anything more than $15 for a pair of new pants, $7 for a new shirt, or $10 for a new pair of shoes. Seriously.

So, as you can imagine, finding clothes that fit those ridiculous price limits and that fit my pear-shaped body, especially jeans, is pretty impossible. And super frustrating.

Simply put, shopping and I have never really been good friends, which is why my amazing Stage Manager supports, and encourages me, to spend money on myself. Especially when it comes to clothes. Even still, we're on a budget, so what's a girl to do?

Which, very long-windedly, gets me to my point. Here are some things that I've been eying, but probably will not actually get, because I'm (as I said before), ridiculous when it comes to spending money on myself. However, listing them out is good therapy for me, it's like window shopping without the parking. And who knows, maybe someday I'll get the nerve to get some of these great finds!

Amazon for $13.99
1. I know it's "out of season" because square scarfs are apparently only for the fall, but c'mon! 
Purple + Scarf + Square + Plaid + Tassels = Something completely missing from my wardrobe. LOVE IT!

2. On my way to find the above scarf, which I've been eying for a while, I found these lovelies:
 Amazon for $4.99 each

Yeah, you read that right. These scarves, along with all their other colorful buddies, are only $4.99! I'm thinking I'll get one today, just to see if I like it, and then buy out Amazon if it's as amazing as I'm hoping it is. The dilemma: which color?? I think there is one sale option that gives you the green, tan, red, and black ones for only $4.99...jackpot! (Although, I'll probably get one of the ones I pictured above to start...any thoughts?)

3. Lastly, you guys know that I have been into the casual skirt recently, but I want a way to distinguish between everyday skirt looks and Sunday Best. So far, I have discovered 3 things that have helped me do that: hair styles (i.e. ponytail), t-shirts (a no-no for me on Sundays), and shoes (i.e. flip-flops). When I saw these shoes at Payless, I knew they would be perfect for the shoe effort.
Payless for $19.99

In the store I also saw them in gray, which was my preference, but they were too much, and so I didn't get them. Now the gray ones aren't on the website and it makes me so sad! These tan ones are cute though, so I'll deal. 

Thanks for indulging my Wednesday Window Shopping, which may or may not become a regular thing around here. Any cool things been catching your eye recently?

Oh, a shout out to my newest follower! Hi Stacy, and welcome to our happy group of non-models!

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Stacy Orndorff said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Did you see I was brave and modeled for my tutorial? Love this scarf...I'm in.