Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Compliment Dependency

Top: Old Navy, Undershirt: Shade, Skirt: Thrifted, Sandals: Charlotte Russe

The Super Model and I went to the park today along with the adoption agency. Have I mentioned she's adopted? Anyway, not the point. The point is that at both places I got either complimented on the skirt or the sandals, but not the outfit together. Makes me feel good about the skirt and the sandals, but honestly a little insecure about the pairing. So that made me wonder...

do I have a compliment dependency? Do I need other people to tell me I look good to believe that I do? Honestly I wish I could be more confident and own what I wear. Going from not the modeling type to modeling anyway takes exploration, and sometimes that exploration leads to...well...insecurities on my end, or imitating a style rather than creating my own.

It's kind of frustrating liking clothes and looks, but not really feeling like the whole package reflects me. So my question out to my readers and the blogosophere universe is how do you create a personal style that is not an imitation or reflection of everyone else's style? 

Thanks for the listening ear.

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Amanda said...

I can hear what you're saying about people not saying that they like your outfit, but I know that personally, sometimes I just pick my favorite part of an outfit to compliment. I'm not sure why- I think maybe it makes me sound more sincere because I'm being more specific?

Anywho :)
To answer your question- I create a personal style by attempting to balance a specific style type that I feel like wearing that day with how the clothes work on my frame. For example, if I wake up feeling a little retro, I'll pick out a high-waisted skirt and try a few tops that have a possible retro-ish vibe. Whichever one looks best is the one I wear and then I style my hair in an older fashion that sits well with the top. And when all else fails or I don't feel like wearing anything specific, I just go to my standby outfit- figure-flattering jeans and a cute, shaply top :)

As long as you think you look good in what you're wearing, that's all that matters. All it takes is a little confidence to make any outfit 'complimentable'. And you, Rachie, should be brimming with that- you're absolutely gorgeous!