Monday, June 27, 2011

We're Painting the Skirts Red

So I saw this red-skirt-and-dark-striped-top look and how everyone wearing it looks fabulous! And I wanted to copy it.

The Problem: no red skirt and no striped tops.
The Solution: Goodwill and Forever XXI.


Top to Bottom: Earrings--Claire's, Necklace--Forever XXI, Top--Forever XXI, Watch--Target, Skirt--Goodwill, Shoes--Payless

And I don't even mind that I'm a copycat because I love this look! By the by, the skirt was a total find from heaven. I hit-up Goodwill like twice a month just to see what treasures I can find and this skirt pretty much fell from the heavens onto their racks. Goodwill shopping is a hit or miss, and when I bought this skirt it was a 100% hit!

As a small preference note, I like the thicker stripes and how one of them hits right at a place on my tummy that may or may not have a little excess that may or may not be camouflaged nicely with this top.

As of Saturday I was a Forever XXI and Charlotte Russe virgin, but now that I've tried them I will never buy accessories at Claire's again! I'm always disappointed by the quality of the items I get at Claire's for the price, but I was blown away by the price and selection at both of those stores. Highly recommended!

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The Greg Nelson Family said...

You look GREAT!!! This outfit works lovely on you!!

Modest Fashion Sense said...

What a great find! And I think you should wear this outfit for July 4th :) Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday!

Anonymous said...