Monday, June 20, 2011

The Twist and Pull

Have I mentioned my scarf obsession?

Maybe once or twice?

Well, ya know what's nice about obsessions? Actually, I can't think of anything. But, this lovely girl, Wendy, is helping me feed that obsession with awesome helpful videos like this one.

Seriously, I've used these ideas so many times! Like here, and here.

Since I've gotten into scarves, the one thing I've learned is Twist and Pull (kinda like The Bend and Snap, but with fewer broken far). Seriously, half of the art of scarving (yeah, new word) oneself is just taking some part of the scarf, twisting it around in some manner, and pulling another part through, around, or  across the twist (that's what I did here).

Go ahead and try it! It's really hard to mess up a scarf, which is another fabulous feature! Good luck and happy scarving!

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