Friday, June 10, 2011

So-Long Clothes That I Feel Comfortable Wearing


Top to Bottom: Glasses--Visionworks, Top--Target, Scarf--TJ-Maxx, Undershirt--Shade, Jeans--JCPenny, Shoes--Famous Footwear

See that fence in the background? So did my camera. And guess what it decided to focus on instead of me. And guess who didn't realize that until she uploaded the pictures to her computer. Yeah, I was a bit bummed, too. This may explain why there are two hair pictures...those turned out okay.

For the first time today I had a small audience watching me as I took pictures. That was awkward. They laughed at me when I jumped, or false-jumped. They commented on what I was doing and how I was technically doing it. Yeah, awkward.

This is my farewell to Spring look. Actually, it's my "I know it's going to far too hot in the coming months to wear long-sleeves, pants, scarves, or closed-toed shoes, so get it out of your system now" look. Summer is my least favorite season for dressing myself. It just makes me sad and jealous for all those model-type little bodies out there.

So I am really going to try really hard to not focus on my lack of modeling career, but instead focus on my individual awesomeness and pear-shape and muscular lower-half. Just because they weren't made for the runway doesn't mean they have no merit. Focus on what I got and not what I don't got. That's my mantra for my summer wardrobe. GO ME!

Maybe I'll re-discover the art of the casual skirt...hmmm...


Divina Joy said...

Your jump shot there was hilarious. hehe. I'm not a modeling type too so I can relate with you when you said that summer is your least favorite season for dressing up. But cheer up, just be confident. :)

The Greg Nelson Family said...

Summer can be fun but I can't find shorts or capris that I think look good on me.I do love casual skirts though. I found a long white one at Ross a couple weeks back and love it! Good luck with summer!

Mrs. C said...

You look fabulous and I love the hair do!! So chic! And I am so glad I stumbled across your blog and am now following!! Happy weekend!
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DoublClik said...

This is hilarious and refreshing. You GO girl and your "unmodeling" self. I do a weekly "Work Ready" post you can check out..with my husband behind the lens simultaneously getting a photog lesson while I strike a pose in the street. It's always a circus.

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