Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shape. Color. Style. Fusion.

I found this great list of fashion advice on Pinterest and I'm taking this piece of advice to heart:

"Find a celebrity with your body shape, coloring, and style, and use that as a template for your wardrobe."

I couldn't find one. 

Not that my body shape/coloring/style is so unique that it cannot be duplicated, just...well...

curvy. white. preppy-esque-ish. Not a combo that is seen a whole lot. 

So I've decided to fuse my icons from each area until I find something that works. Here it goes:

Beyonce. Helen Hunt. Emma Watson.

My shape icon is Beyonce Knowles.Seriously, check out Beyonce's hot hip action:
I know I'm not as fit as she is, but she has wicked-muscle action on her lower-half, along with a slammin' caboose. Not that I need to tell anyone that...it's no secret. That girl is anyone's idol with a lower-weighted figure...which I gots me some of that! She shows off her luscious legs in a way I never could, even if I didn't choose to wear modest clothes. An inspiration to any pear!
What to learn from (a mostly-modest) Beyonce: Wear tops that attract attention and embrace form-fitting clothes (I admit, that last one really kinda horrifies me). 

For coloring I chose Helen Hunt. See what I mean?

Fair skin, light hair, dark eyebrows--check, check, and check. As bonuses, she also has a prominent forehead (helpful for hairstyling ideas), and she also has hippy-ness. I probably would have chosen her as my style icon if only she weren't a bit older than me and her style right now is a bit, how shall I say, dated for my tastes. 
What to learn from Helen: stick to greens, metallics, embrace blues and spring colors.

For style I had to go with my girl Emma Watson. Seriously, how cute is she?!

What I was really looking for in someone's style is variety. Some days I like to wear sweaters and some days like to wear plaid. I wouldn't be able to categorize Emma's look if I wanted. She has that whole package! Plus, her personality style is also so classy. Hats off to you, girl!
What to learn from Emma: Don't get nailed down to a certain look, and embrace black as a balancing mechanism for any style.
That was a very productive exercise for me, and a lot of fun!

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Divina Joy said...

I like Emma Watson's style too, adorable. And I don't think there's a celebrity with my body shape, coloring, and style. LOL