Thursday, June 2, 2011

Organizing the Studio: Jewelry Box

So the lower drawer of my jewelry box looked like this, and my jewelry was on the dresser:

buttons, safety pins, honorary pins I never wear, broken necklaces, and Nick's mission mementos--all things we want to keep but that just take up space.

To solve my cluttered problem I took this idea from my friend Lauren and came up with this:

I used these tools to get me there, along with a glue gun, and for some of the more textured pieces, some super-mega glue:

The tools used were wire cutters, a razor blade, pliers, and a file. The plate on the left are the trashed excess from the little trinkets on the right. We also beefed up a couple wimpy magnetic clips.

And now my jewelry box actually has jewelry in it! Novel concept I think.

The magnets I used are here and I have plenty extra for more little trinkets I find and don't want to trash.


Whitney Jay said...

What a great thing to do with keepsakes, I have never seen that! Brilliant.

Rachel said...

Thanks! And it was just so easy and makes our fridge so much awesomer!

Divina Joy said...


Lauren Davison said...

Fabulicious! :)

Job and Rachael said...

Awesome idea! Those look so darn cute! And what a great way to use up those fun odds and ends!

Rachel said...

Thanks guys! Kudos to Lauren for being a genius!