Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not a Model Because...I'm on a Budget

The average salary for a runway model is $500,000. [source]

The average salary for my lucrative career is spit-up.

Needless to say I'm on more of a budget than your typical runway model. Which is why I thrift!


The Super Model, Top to Bottom: Bow--Target, Onesie/Skirt--Gifted
The Producer, Top to Bottom: Earrings--Claire's, Necklace--Gifted, Top--Can't Remember, Undershirt--Shade, Belt--Thrifted, Skirt--Thrifted, Shoes--Payless

Check the both of us out in our snazzy casual skirts. That's just how we roll. (I'm just getting used to the idea that skirts can be worn for more than church or special occasions.)

And no, The Super Model has not been contracted as of yet, so is not making dinero in the 6 figures...yet.

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Modest Fashion Sense said...

Lookin good! Your little one is so precious :) Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday!

Anonymous said...

You 2 look adorable!! Thanks for linking up to Thriftaholics Weekly. Hope to see you there next week.

alltumbledown said...

I love thrifting for much the same reason- hubs is a student, I'm returning to school, and it is a chance to look fab on a severe budget. You look great, and your daughter is just beautiful.

Rachel said...

The Super Model appreciates all the compliments! She absolutely looks better in her skirt than I do in mine. And I am totally bummed because I was out of town this past Thursday I couldn't link up anywhere. But definitely this week!