Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not a Model Because...I Jump in My Photos

Runway Model = No Jumping/Serious Face

Me = Jumping/Fun Face




Earrings, T-Shirt, & Shorts--Kohl's; Undershirt--Shade; Bracelets--Charlotte Russe; Shoes--Payless 

See the difference?


Lyosha said...

I love your shots way better. I mean it. Not model type... way better!

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Amanda said...

I agree with Lyosha; your shots are so much better!
And I LOVE your hair in the 5th photo- how do you do that?!

Rachel said...

Thanks so much guys! Amanda, the hair is super easy! Just take a chunk of hair, twist it, then pin it. Repeat until all hair is up. Honestly, it's too simple, but I get so many compliments because it looks complicated! Try it and let me know how it goes!