Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nobody Likes a Needy Nelly



 Top to Bottom: Earrings--Claire's, Shirt--Old Navy, Undershirt--Shade, Bag--Target (clearance for $3.59!), Belt--Kohl's, Shorts--I can't remember, Flip Flops--Target

Things I need that I realized I needed partly because of this outfit:
1. Cute sandals
2. Bracelets (I have none)
3. Necklaces (I have 4 fashion necklaces)
4. T-shirts with patterns/pictures, optimistically ones I don't need to layer

Things I realize I already have partly because of this outfit:
1. A wicked-awesome inside-out bag that is perfect size for smuggling treats into a movie theater...not like we ever go to movies, but if we did, I would totally use this bag.
2. A passion for beautiful trees like the one I am hugging!
3. A fabulous camera strap from courtesy of The Stage Manager! What a great guy!
4. A Super Model with excellent timing who resisted waking from her nap until I got back from my photo shoot. Thanks baby!

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