Thursday, June 16, 2011

Instant Happiness

  Top to Bottom: Earrings--Kohl's, T-shirt--JCPenny, Undershirt--Shade, Shorts--JCPenny, Shoes--Payless

Do you see the wedgie picture? No actual wedgie, I just thought the picture looked funny.

I really love this top. The shape of it, the fact that it's 100% cotton, it's a really basic tee but also has color and pattern. You know those clothes that you go-to when you aren't feeling particularly beautiful that day because you know you won't hate the way you look in those clothes? This top is in that category. Besides, even if I didn't like the way I look in it, yellow just makes me happy! 

Yellow is like instant happiness without the drug addiction.

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear


The Greg Nelson Family said...

I love the top!! It is really pretty and you look great in it.

Lauren said...

This was a great outfit! I loved seeing you in it yesterday.

Meagan said...

I absolutely have those clothes too, that you wear because you know they are "safe" for bad days. And you do look so happy!

Cathy said...
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