Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zero Color, One Right, and Two Wrongs

Well, I tried a couple new things with my dressing yesterday.

The first thing I did was paired two things that I don't think look good on me and that I don't wear very often together to see if I could get more use out of my clothes I already have. My vest and shirt.

It didn't work.


The Lineup: Ribbon--JoAnn's Fabric, Earrings--Claire's, Vest--Target, Shirt--Target, Belt--Kohl's (off of another shirt), Watch--Target, Pants--Thrifted (Goodwill), Shoes--Payless

I still don't like the vest or the shirt. The vest makes me look pretty blocky (and gives me buldge where I don't need any extra) and the shirt is just too much pattern and the wrong color for me. YUCK! I won't give up on these pieces yet though...maybe they were just wrong together.

The second thing I did that was new was add a belt as a decorational piece. Never ever ever done that before. And that, I think, worked. My vest is a bit big (that's how I used to buy my clothes), and the belt did it's best to make the vest look good. It had a lot on it's hypothetical shoulders. I'll definitely probably be using my belts as more than just tools to hold up my pants.

That's what my monster hips are for anyway.

And maybe that eye doctor wasn't crazy...perhaps I'm color blind after all.


Erica said...

I actually think the tops look good together, but if you don't like it, don't wear it. If you are concerned about the vest being blocky, try a wide belt instead of a skinny belt. It will add more shape.

North Meets South

Rachel said...

Thanks for the support Erica! Trying out new things (and then walking around town in them) is always scary, but it's nice to know that maybe not everyone thought I looked ridiculous yesterday!
Thanks for the tip! The trouble is that I don't have any wide decorative belts. Looks like I have to go thrifting soon!!

Modest Fashion Sense said...

Cute pants, and they fit that wide leg fashion trend of late :) Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday!!