Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something New and a Day at the Zoo

In my effort to explore belts as docorational pieces, I tried this look out with my family at the Portland, OR Zoo last week.

The Lineup: Sunglasses (they look better on my face)--Kohl's, Top--Kohl's, Jeans--Kohl's, Scarf--Kohl's, Shoes (unseen)--Blue Chucks from Famous Footwear, Red-Headed Nephew--Sister

I love the pairing of this scarf and shirt normally, so I decided to move the scarf and see how it went. While I don't hate the scarf-as-a-belt concept completely, I did neglect one of the cardinal rules of having a pear-shaped body:

"First remember, to never accessorize your fullest assets, let your hips articulate their own sultry poetry. This means avoiding large prints, bright colors, and fussy details on your lower half." (source)

Fail. Again. So while the picture itself will be a treasured memory for me (cuddling up with my newest nephew), the scarf as a belt will probably not be in future Kodak least until my hips or my butt decrease in size. Fat chance! 

PS Pun was totally intended.

1 comment:

aaez said...

such a sweet picture! and thanks for your suggestions hopefully i will be able to get out soon :) and i like the scarf as a belt!!