Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Organizing the Studio: Scarves

You'll soon learn this in much greater detail about me, but I am really getting into scarves. It maybe an unhealthy obsession, but I love that I can wear my plain old t-shirt and jeans, throw on a scarf, and it looks like an outfit!

Simple solutions to plain are pretty much what I'm going for here.

Unfortunately, this new found love of mine has caused our hat rack to get a little crowded, and moderately dysfunctional (since finding something to wear is difficult always makes a mess). See?


So I began my search for good solutions for my little predicament, and after a little bit found this fabulous idea. After returning from the store with The Super Model today (and boy was she dramatic at Target!), I put the idea to use. Aaaaannnnd voila!


I do love seeing all my scarfs all pretty hanging there! It just gets me all giddy inside! Now my scarves can be part of the daily outfit selection as they always should have been! I even had a couple rings leftover for future scarves (YAY!) and my belts. The belts are working their way into my wardrobe as decorational not just functional, but give me time to perfect that. See tomorrow's look for my first attempt at belt decorating!

The Stage Manager has said many times that I enjoy shopping more for the deals than for the actual product, and that maybe the case here, since all I did was spend $1.99 (+tax) on shower curtain rings and stole one of his pants hangers. Easy peasy, right?!

**Here's a tip: I found my cute plastic hangers bowed due to awesomeness (or weight) a bit, and also caused unwanted slipping and sliding of the scarves on the plastic rings. The cardboard helped with both of those problems, but like she said in the video, wood would probably work best.**

And no, decorational is not a word. But it should be. And so it is from now on here on this blog. So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

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