Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not a Model? Me Neither!

 No, I don't look that nice all the time. My photographer friend, Lauren, snapped this for me.

We have so much in common already, and it's only the first post!

It's true, I am new to the fashion blogging world (but not the blogging world, see?), so bear with me. But I can make you a few promises if you decide to stick around for a spell:

1. Honesty. I'm no fashion stylist or model, and I'm putting that out there from the beginning. I will be straight up with you about my flaws, my ideas, and my life of non-model style.

2. Proper grammar. I'm pretty well edumacated, so I will be using capitals, punctuation, and proper spelling. You should just assume any mistakes, or made up words, are intentional. I do tend to use quite often ellipses (...), exclamation points (!) and various combinations of exclamation points and question marks (?!, !?, ?!?!, etc.), so just leave those out of this!

3. Entertainment. Okay, I really can't promise this because I don't know what you like, but I can promise you I'll try to avoid any bored to death results from reading the blog.

4. Cultural references. I really love books, movies, blogs, art and just general learning. I plan to only include these things as they are relevant to the world of all of us Non-Models out there and our fashion trial-and-error sessions! Exposure to new things is good for all of us, so that's what I plan to do, and I hope to get the same from you!

5. Respond to your comments/emails. Think of this as an interactive blog where we can converse and share with each other. Us Non-Models have to stick together!

6. Descent, post-ly pictures. I'm not a professional photographer, but you won't be seeing any iPhone snapshots here...mostly because I don't have an iPhone, but also because I'm committed to quality and consistency (at least one per post) when it comes to my pictures!

7. Exploration. I may really mess this up (honesty, remember?), and I may try a style that looks awful, or that I love and you hate, or that I hate and you love. The thing is that this blog is about exploring and trying new things that are out of my very plain comfort zone. Take a walk down the hypothetical runway with me and try something new!

Not a bad start to a relationship: honesty, promises, and excitement!!

Do you have a style blog? Maybe we have something else in common. I can't wait to find out!


Lauren Davison said...

This is so fun! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Lauren! I may have you guest blog at some point when you're not all laid up, sleeping, or chasing after a couple babies...which will be in about 18 years!