Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New Go-To...WOO HOO!

Everybody needs/has a go-to look, especially for cloudy-overcast beautiful days like this! Well, I decided to spice up my tee, basic jeans, and flats with a new hair style, a "new bracelet," and a new scarf! Yay for new things that cost very little!


The Lineup: Headband--Target, Scarf--Target, Top--Target, Undershirt--Shade, Necklace (masquerading as bracelet)--Claire's, Jeans--Kohl's, Shoes--Payless

Here are the new things I added to the basic go-to outfit: an old necklace wrapped around as a new bracelet, a new scarf wrapped in a fun new way, and a new hairstyle found here adapted for my hair cut.

I am constantly receiving comments that doing my hair must take ages, but this seriously took maybe 15 minutes, and that includes time to soothe The Super Model. I love this hairstyle! Typically I just go nuts with bobby pins and it looks great, but I really like the headband addition. You'll definitely see this style again.

Just so you know, I also am in love with these shoes! They match, I'm pretty sure, everything!! Totally the best $20ish I've spent at Payless. Love the green, love the bow, love the shoes! Okay, I'm done.


Divina Joy said...

Love the green! Perfect.

Lyosha said...

you look great! love the emotional and bright photos! well done!

Megan Marie said...

perfect! love this!