Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Came to Get Down...So Jump Around

The Lineup: Headband--Target, Necklace/Earrings--Kohl's, Undershirt--Shade, Sweater--Vanity, Watch--Target, Crops--JCPenny, Shoes--Boutique on University Ave in Provo, UT, Jump Rope--Amazon

I got the jump rope in the mail today and wanted to play with my new toy/serious-exercise-equipment! I'll tell you what, jumping rope is like riding a that it's easy no matter how long you've been away from it. So fun!

This is an outfit  I've worn before, but not with the necklace or shoes, which make the whole thing just look nicer and put-together. I mean, instead of wearing flip-flops. Who knew?

Two things I need to make you aware of: the post title is from this song, and my hair is in a short french braid...sorry I forgot to get a picture.


Divina Joy said...

Love the necklace!

Jumping ropes are fun. I do it before my boxing class.

Rachel said...

My calves STILL hurt from jumping two days ago. And when I saw the necklace I knew I just had to get it. Bonus that it was super on sale!