Monday, May 16, 2011

...But I'll Model Anyway

The Lineup: Scarf--Target (Gift from Mother-in-Law) Top--Honestly can't remember...I tried,
Skirt--JCPenny, Tights: Kohl's, Shoe--Payless

Wanna know something funny? When I was a kid the eye doctor thought I may have been color blind. As it turns out, I'm just really bad at taking tests. Nice confidence booster, I know.

I happen to really love color, but have been clueless as to how to use it, and use it creatively (beyond jeans, . Well, I found a super helpful YouTube Video that helped me a lot. I also really love this girl and all her videos!

I wore a triadic color combination of sorts. Another thing I know about combining colors in outfits is looking for similarly saturated pieces. Notice how all three of my colorful pieces are pretty saturated. Now, I don't claim that this looks good, I just claim that I think it doesn't look too bad.
Just so you know, I have never worn either of the outfits in my last two posts before. Very bold? Yes, yes I am!


Erica said...

Oo, I love the colors in this outfit! I'll have to watch that video b/c I'm a little lost in the color-blocking realm.

North Meets South

Rachel said...

Thanks! I love this girl's videos. She makes me wish I was Asian!

Megan Marie said...

I think the two items that are battling are the tights and the shirt. Otherwise I think it's a win. :)